Outlier Media is proud to announce its first two hires focused on revenue and operations strategy. These positions were made possible thanks to an investment in Outlier made earlier this year by the American Journalism Project. 

“We are committed to building in Detroit and adding Chelsea and Kim, who have both added so much value to each organization they’ve worked with will allow us to make good on that promise. We are confident in Outlier’s model for reporting and delivering information and now we feel more confident about our financial and structural future,” said Candice Fortman, executive director Outlier Media. 

Chelsea Brown, our new director of development, comes to Outlier from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she was a relationship manager building and nurturing existing partnerships to secure funding for the university. Previously, Chelsea served as the development director at SOS Community Services, where she gained expertise in individual, corporate and foundational fund development. At Outlier, Chelsea will focus on building donor, grant and emerging revenue strategies. 

Chelsea’s first day with Outlier was Oct. 4.

Outlier is also pleased to welcome Kim Clayson, who joins Outlier as the operations and development manager. She has 15 years of experience in the field of business and financial restructuring law. In her previous two law firm roles, Kim led firm operations in addition to a portfolio of small business clients. At Outlier, Kim will focus on internal operations and fiscal management. 

Kim’s first day with Outlier will be Oct. 25. 

Candice (she/her) believes that good information systems and organizations (like newsrooms and libraries) help communities and residents not just survive but thrive. When people have access to accurate and helpful information, they are empowered to create pathways for themselves, their families and neighborhoods.