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Carol Trowell, Imani Foster and Djenaba Ali, three of the six founders of the Black Bottom Garden Center. Photo credit: Courtney Wise Randolph

Detour Detroit keeps Detroiters connected to culture, community and civic life — and to the people who make our neighborhoods and communities vibrant. 

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In Detour, we and a group of contributing writers have lifted up artists, prepped people to vote, highlighted queer spaces and favorite city landmarks and directed readers to resources like free COVID-19 tests and rental assistance. We’ve reported on food insecurity, Detroit’s trash rules, scooter restrictions, pedestrian safety and cultural institutions. We connect readers to residents and groups fostering community in Detroit, from a social justice scavenger hunt to moped rentals and cemetery history tours. 

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Detour’s backstory

Detour launched in 2018 as a newsletter startup founded by Ashley Woods Branch and Outlier Media Product and Engagement Manager Kate Abbey-Lambertz. After four years — filled with hundreds of newsletters, award-winning reporting, events from mural tours to volunteering socials, all while building a community of dedicated readers and members — Detour joined Outlier Media in March 2022 to grow the future of independent local journalism in Detroit together. 

The original Detour Detroit website is no longer maintained, but you can find stories from the archives here. If you wrote for Detour Detroit and need help finding your published work, please contact Kate at

Outlier’s entire editorial team now contributes to Detour Detroit, with each newsletter drawing on the combined expertise and passions of our newsroom. 

We’ll never stop sharing our community’s successes. You can always share your own by replying to a Detour email or contacting Kate at whether you’re performing with an orchestra, opening a small business or want to lift someone else up. 

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