The people who work at and with Outlier Media put service at the center of what we do. We use our work to fill information, accountability and connection gaps in Detroit. More about Outlier > 

Kate Abbey-Lambertz

Product and Engagement Manager

Kate (she/her) is passionate about journalism that involves Detroiters from the start and helps readers solve problems and find joy in their daily lives. Her favorite Detroit spot to watch the sunset, play soccer, watch the freighters go by and feel a little haunted is Historic Fort Wayne. More by Kate Abbey-Lambertz

Sarah Alvarez

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Sarah (she/her) believes the best local reporting is a service, responds directly to community needs and reduces harm. Her favorite place in Detroit is her backyard on a summer evening. More by Sarah Alvarez

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Chelsea Brown

Development Director

Chelsea (she/her) believes having information allows people to have more choices in their daily lives. She enjoys Detroit’s public parks where she can walk, enjoy spending time with friends and family, or just sit and relax.

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Ashley Fassett

Membership and Operations Coordinator

Ashley (she/her) believes that local journalism is the most powerful tool democracies possess and hopes to see it used as a tool to fight injustice. Her favorite places in Detroit are those with family ties — the Maltese American club for a Kinnie and LCA during a Red Wings game.

Candice Fortman

Candice Fortman

Executive Director

Candice (she/her) believes that good information systems and organizations (like newsrooms and libraries) help communities and residents not just survive but thrive. When people have access to accurate and helpful information, they are empowered to create pathways for themselves, their families and neighborhoods.

Lynelle Herndon

Detroit Documenters Coordinator

Lynelle (she/her) likes working with Documenters because she thinks it’s important for us to share our news and our voices with our neighbors and networks. Her favorite spaces in Detroit are the urban gardens that promote peace, hope, health and healing. More by Lynelle Herndon

Dan Ignacio

Digital Editor

Dan (they/them, he/him) believes in amplifying the concerns of marginalized people and connecting everyone to the resources they deserve. They enjoy working with friends at a community food pantry and daydreaming on the West Vernor bus. More by Dan Ignacio

Koby Levin

Senior Science Reporter

Koby (he/him) believes that love drives people to fight for their communities, and that curiosity is food for love. He enjoys the many moods of the Detroit River. More by Koby Levin

Noah Kincade

Detroit Documenters Coordinator

Noah (he/him) believes people benefit their communities when they create civic media and commit acts of journalism. He enjoys being anywhere with live music or tacos. More by Noah Kincade

Miriam Marini

Breaking News Reporter

Miriam (she/her) is a strong believer that journalism should hold leaders accountable and serve as a platform for marginalized groups. She can often be found at The Congregation — usually with a hot mocha in hand and finding an outlet to charge her dying laptop. More by Miriam Marini

Aaron Mondry

Senior Reporter

Aaron (he/him) believes in telling true stories about real people. He doesn’t think there’s anything better than a crisp fall afternoon at the Detroit Jazz Fest. More by Aaron Mondry

SaMya Overall


SaMya (she/her) believes in empowering and encouraging minority voices through local journalism because journalism is a service to the community, not vice versa. She loves Campus Martius, especially during holiday time with the bright lights and snow. More by SaMya Overall

Erin Perry

Managing Editor

Erin’s (she/her) personal motto for journalism is: “Invest in the journalists of tomorrow, for they may be our bosses one day.” Her favorite places in Detroit are its classrooms — for the sometimes subtle and other times obvious student intellect. More by Erin Perry

Erica Schopmeyer

Director of Operations and Finance

Erica (she/her) believes in journalism that rises above the noise and pushes readers to question the systems they’re accustomed to. Her favorite place in Detroit is Woodlawn Cemetery. She loves to walk there with friends, take in the changing seasons and spot deer.

Alex Washington

Audience and Engagement Manager

Alex (she/her) believes that the best journalism is done by members of the community being served, and the stories should always reflect those people. When it comes to Detroit, the city is her playground, but her favorite place to go is the Detroit Institute of Arts. More by Alex Washington