We always respond to the needs of Detroiters here at Outlier, but we also respond to events that can or do have a huge impact within our community, from tax foreclosure to COVID-19. 

Though we don’t know how long it will last, the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike is poised to be one of these events. Union leadership called the strike on Ford, General Motors and Stellantis late Thursday night. It began at three plants, including a Ford plant in Wayne, MI. We don’t yet know the short- or long-term effects on UAW members, other workers and workplaces, auto companies, or our city.

Our job as reporters is not to speculate but to bring Detroiters accurate and relevant information. News organizations across the city, state and country will be covering this strike, but we will continue to focus on answering your questions and making sure you have the information you need to navigate this. 

We’ve set up a text message line to field questions. Text us your question or concern, and an Outlier journalist will investigate and send you the answer. If a lot of people have the same questions, we’ll make sure there is reporting that answers them. 

Text “STRIKE?” to 67485 with your questions or to talk to reporter. You can also send your questions to us online.

We also want to make sure we aren’t duplicating the work of other local newsrooms covering the strike. Instead, we’ll work with our colleagues in the Collaborative Detroit Newsrooms network (representing nine local outlets) to make sure we’re covering more angles and elevating the work that they do, too. 

Our mission is to center and respond to Detroiters’ information needs. This strike may change those, and we’ll be listening. 

Sarah Alvarez


Sarah (she/her) believes the best local reporting is a service, responds directly to community needs and reduces harm. Her favorite place in Detroit is her backyard on a summer evening.