We’re launching a new donation form powered by Givebutter! Givebutter is an online fundraising platform working to democratize access to quality fundraising tools with low-cost options for digital-forward organizations. 

As our organization grows and strives to engage more people in our work, we want to make sure we’ve got the right tools to help us achieve our mission. We’ve updated our donation form platform, to offer you simple payment options like PayPal, and bank-to-bank transfers that will reduce processing fees. Our supporters can also make one-time gifts while logged into their Venmo, Apple or Google Pay account linked to a valid payment method. 

Givebutter donation platform integrates with our internal systems for tracking donations, special campaigns, and events. All information will sync directly into our constituent relationship management (CRM) system, Bloomerang. 

If you are a recurring donor (or member), your gifts will continue to be processed through Donorbox or Memberful. If you have questions about this process, please review our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out directly to Chelsea Brown, development director, at chelsea@outliermedia.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing donation platforms?

Outlier has a new constituent relationship management (CRM) system called Bloomerang. We can send information collected through our new donation forms directly into our new CRM. Donors can give using digital wallets, send fun interactive messages when using the platform, and set up their own giving pages. With these tools, we can explore new ways to engage our community in our mission. 

Why did you choose Givebutter?

Givebutter empowers changemakers with effective fundraising tools and centers the needs of both the donor and nonprofit organization. The company’s goal is to offer a free platform powered by the generosity of people everywhere. Nonprofits can use the platform without paying any platform fees if they allow Givebutter to include a message asking platform users to leave a donation or “tip” to support Givebutter. Whether a nonprofit is big or small, well-resourced or not, all of them have equal access to quality tools to help them raise funds.

Will I be asked to give a tip to Givebutter on the new platform?

No. We want to make the giving experience seamless for our supporters. We’re choosing to incur platform fees with Givebutter rather than allow them to request a tip. Donors will be asked if they want to cover processing fees, but are not required to do so. As an organization, we will continue to pay any processing fees. This time we know our expenses are going to support a quality platform that is leveling the playing field for all nonprofits.

What action do I need to take as a recurring donor or member?
Whether your recurring gift is processed through Memberful or Donorbox, no action is needed. Your donations or membership fees will continue to be processed through those same systems.