Faygo has released a new flavor inspired by orange creamsicles. Credit: Photo credit: Via Faygo/Facebook

The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike is showing signs that an end may be in sight. On Tuesday, the UAW and Ford Motor Company reached a tentative agreement on wage hikes and other benefits — it will now go before workers for a vote — but General Motors and Stellantis remain at the table. With things moving along on the automotive front, striking casino workers are making their demands heard. Earlier this week, they took their chants from the picket line to Detroit City Council, and droves of workers who attended the meeting got some official words of support from councilmembers.

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What’s happening

💧 The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Board of Directors agreed to a deal that will bring Highland Park’s worst water woes to an end if fully approved. The plan would settle $55 million in disputed water bill debt. It would also direct $70 million in state funding for repairs to Highland Park’s almost 120-year-old water infrastructure and commit another $30 million for improvements in other GLWA service areas. The plan (read the term sheet) would also require Highland Park to increase water rates by an unspecified amount for the first half of next year to offset the cost of the payoff. (Detroit Documenters, Detroit News, Detroit Urbanism, Michigan Advance)

🥤 There’s a new pop in town. Faygo, Detroit’s beloved carbonated beverage maker, has released a new flavor, Dreamin. It’s an orange “creme soda” (this is the only time we will use the s-word) that’s meant to taste like an orange creamsicle. TBD on how it stacks up with this Faygo flavor ranking from the defacto brand ambassadors, Juggalos. (Detroit Free Press, Thrillist) 

🎙️ Notorious Detroit commentator Charlie LeDuff got his, uh, duff handed to him this week when he was fired from his Detroit News columnist gig for an unsavory tweet directed at Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. In his last column, LeDuff alleged that Nessel pressured her staff to close an investigation involving a friend, personal injury lawyer Traci Kornak, who was accused of swindling almost $50,000 from an insurance company under the account of an elderly client. The AG’s office responded with a letter claiming that the case was already closed when Nessel breached an ethical “firewall” and asked her staff about the case. LeDuff’s former boss, Detroit News publisher Gary Miles, defended the publication’s editorial standards and outlined the evidence backing LeDuff’s claims, but agreed that the tweet was a step too far. Here’s a goodbye to Chuck, I guess we won’t “see you next Tuesday.” (Detroit Metro Times, Michigan Department of Attorney General, Detroit News)

More to talk about

🎤 Detroit rapper 42 Dugg was released from prison last week and has announced big concert plans for his upcoming 29th birthday. (Detroit News)

⚖️ A man who was wrongly accused of drunk driving can sue the Michigan police officer who misread a breathalyzer test during a traffic stop, a federal appeals court said. (Associated Press)

🎉 Looking to get out of the house? There’s plenty happening around Detroit this Halloween weekend. (Outlier)

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