The Dig favorite Detroitography published a fascinating and useful interactive map of how Mayor Mike Duggan’s proposed Land Value Tax Plan would affect every residential parcel in Detroit. 

The proposed tax plan would increase tax on vacant land while decreasing it for buildings on the land. Duggan has claimed that 97% of Detroit homeowners would see a reduction in property taxes. 

Designer Pat Sier created the map using data from a public city server for the land value tax estimator released by the city last week. Users can see every parcel’s 2023 tax bill, proposed taxes under the Land Value Tax Plan and estimated change between the two. 

A cursory glance shows the vast majority of residential properties would in fact see a reduction in taxes. It’s also interesting to note where they would increase. Most of the properties in Midtown would have higher property taxes, likely because the land there is so valuable. Other scattered parcels with higher taxes show they’re incredibly low to begin with. For example, the 2023 tax bill at 14915 West Chicago St. is just $76.89. Recent images of the property suggest it’s abandoned. 

Check out the map for yourself

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