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Take the brief survey to help us fill Detroiters’ information needs. Image credit: Kubkoo/iStock

What are your information needs this summer?

Here at Outlier, our mission is to respond to those needs through our reporting, SMS help service TXT OUTLIER and other projects. We aim to fill information and accountability gaps that keep Detroiters (and metro Detroiters) from meeting their challenges and achieving their goals.

To do this, we analyze third-party data — 911 response times, property tax delinquency, employment rates and more — and ask Detroiters directly about their experience.

Would you spend less than 5 minutes taking the survey to help us better understand your information needs? Answer the questions below by July 12, or view the entire survey in a new window.

After we analyze this data and the survey results, we know what kind of information to share with Detroiters through TXT OUTLIER and what issues need more attention. This approach has shaped our coverage areas since Outlier was founded, starting with our focus on housing and utilities. We do these assessments every year, and you can see the 2022 info needs report here.  

Though the survey is open only once a year, we are here to respond to your information needs anytime. If you need help or have a question about life in the city, you can always use TXT OUTLIER to get automatic answers or to speak directly with a reporter. Text “Detroit” to 67485 — and save the number in your phone for the next time you need it! Message frequency will vary. Message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help or STOP to cancel. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Sarah (she/her) believes the best local reporting is a service, responds directly to community needs and reduces harm. Her favorite place in Detroit is her backyard on a summer evening.