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Welcome to Detour’s Detroit Election Week liveblog, a resource for essential news about the election and what happens after the polls close for the city and state.

Updates load here and may take a minute… patience please!

Feel like watching the election unfold with a group of thoughtful local residents who treat each other with respect? Head over to the Detour Detroit Facebook group. Conversation is moderated by our team of journalists so you can feel comfortable getting political without anybody going nuclear.

In the meantime, you can keep coming back to this post for the updates you need and the best reporting from around the web, with context and analysis that helps you understand the bigger picture. Plus, of course, results for state and city races… eventually. We’ll be here over the next week from early morning to long past sundown to keep you informed — with a little levity and survival tips so you can keep your blood pressure at a reasonable level.

In Detroit (and Michigan, and the rest of the country), the election is no longer a one-day thing — so far, more than 2.6 million voters in the state have cast their ballots in the weeks leading up to Nov. 3.

And just as the voting timeframe has stretched, so will the period after the polls close. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson warned that the influx of absentee ballots means vote counting could continue for days. She estimated that election results wouldn’t be ready until Friday.

The significant changes to voting in 2020 — spurred by the pandemic and an unprecedented early voting push — have opened big questions about how Election Night will go. One thing is certain: it won’t be business as usual, and that could mean a whole lot of waiting.

Head to Detour Detroit’s Elections 2020 page for more voting guides and election news.

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