Chief Investigator Jerome Warfield said he was making a “passionate appeal” at Thursday’s Detroit Board of Police Commissioners’ meeting for more commissioners to participate in oversight of police officers accused of misconduct. Warfield oversees the BOPC’s Office of Chief Investigator (OCI), in charge of investigating citizen’s non-criminal complaints against Detroit police officers.

Warfield thanked the commissioners who have been reviewing and signing off on cases, but urged others to take part in the OCI’s efforts to resolve more cases. He said 26 cases were sent through the commissioners’ email that night and that he plans to “ramp up” that number.

“It would be extremely helpful if we had more commissioners who will avail themselves to read some of the reports and sign off and to spread the work,” Warfield said.

“My expectation is that we all will be reading those cases, “  Board Chair QuanTez Pressley said at the meeting. “If there’s anyone having an objection to that I’m open to conversation.”

Commissioner Willie Bell returned to last week’s conversations and his objections to public reports including details on police misconduct cases still under investigation.

Pressley responded, saying the information is “absolutely necessary” to share with the public.

Commissioner Linda Bernard agreed with Pressley. “Those facts are to me as important as the facts stated by the (DPD Police) Chief, so I suggest that we continue with our current process,” she said.

Commissioners did not take any votes. The next BOPC meeting will be on Sept. 21 at 3 p.m.

Detroit Documenters contributed to this report. Read their meeting notes and live tweets.

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