Outlier welcomes reporter Kenichi Serino, opens utilities beat

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.35.40 PMOn March 1, Kenichi Serino will be starting work as Outlier’s Senior Reporter. 

To make up for what will probably be freezing temperatures in Detroit that day all we can do is offer an incredibly warm welcome! Kenichi is coming back to Michigan from Johannesburg, South Africa where he has worked for more than a decade as a reporter and media trainer and where it has only snowed an estimated three times in the last 50 years!

What’s the job?

Detroiters say utility issues are their second biggest resource and information gap, edged out only by housing. Outlier already covers housing so Kenichi’s reporting will focus on utility billing and shutoff issues. We’ll be looking for areas where better information in the hands of our news consumers can increase the accountability of utility providers and municipal policies. This work will be personalized and delivered to Detroiters over SMS. 

A chatbot delivers some of our reporting over SMS but we also ask every news consumer if they want a journalist to follow up with them personally. About 40 percent of our users take us up on this offer and Kenichi will be chasing down answers for our news consumers on both housing and utilities. Leads from these conversations build Outlier’s enterprise reporting.

More about Kenichi

Kenichi grew up in Vanderbilt, a small town in Northern Michigan, and has worked in Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands and Johannesburg, South Africa. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Reuters and Al-Jazeera.

Author: alvarez

Journalist and founder of Outlier Media.