A better way to get better information

There is too much news and too little of it matters.

That’s not (only) a complaint, but a well researched reality. Outlier will be different. Our target audience is those news consumers discounted by most media organizations-the news consumers fed up with large information gaps and predatory businesses trying to take advantage of these gaps.

This is how our approach and stories are different:

Our information must have real value: A great news story can create a deep emotional connection to something you knew nothing about before. But a great news story could also just give you information you really need. Seriously, why isn’t that enough? Outlier will deliver highly targeted data-driven journalism directly to the phones of people for whom that information really matters.

We are user first: Our reporting is centered on the needs of our news consumers, some of the most time-strapped people in the country. We value substance over style. Our news is intensively reported and diligently crafted, but it is definitely not long form. It’s valuable information for busy people.

We are direct to consumer: Many if not most major news organizations have created information gaps in low-income communities by ignoring these places as full of potential news consumers. Outlier will partner with newsrooms that want to remedy this, but we will distribute our content independently. 

Take a look around to learn more about our research and our work. And join us in making news more powerful for real people. Stay tuned for updates about our pilot project in Detroit, launching summer 2016.

Author: alvarez

Journalist and founder of Outlier Media.